One hour, no power.

By L.W.

A few days ago, I sat at my desk at work in the middle of a Skype meeting and realized all of a sudden, that I had no internet connection. But this was not the usual internet surges because the lights also went off and after a while everyone in the office realized that there was no power. This went on for around an hour and it made me contemplate on how I can best prepare myself for such a situation if it took longer than this or if it happened again.

The interesting thing is, that I took all this with humour as I realized that passers-by outside our office were really at their wits´ end by realizing that their “normal” lives were really being affected by this blackout. I have lived in countries where some areas do not have electricity or internet at all or where there are constant power cut-outs or outages and somehow people manage to get around and life goes on. But I think this has a lot to do with our life´s experiences, what is “normal” for us.

There was information that public transport was not functioning at all. I tried reaching a colleague per phone and my phone was disabled. I contemplated how I was to get home. How long it was going to take me to walk if by public transport I take about an hour. I could not call my child´s school to give notice that I would pick them later than usual.

Then I wondered how in this time and age, in Europe, I was going to prepare myself for such happenings in the future. I know of people who are really actively preparing themselves for such eventualities, the preppers.

Now I need to get out my list and make sure that I continue my collection and preparation for such times in order to survive. It can happen so fast. I may be an amateur prepper, but I am now more inclined to get better with this.

Just get started. Let´s go! All the best!

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