When a Spaniard moves to Dresden…

Anmerkung: Da der ESC-Freiwillige Ivan erst vor wenigen Wochen nach Deutschland gekommen ist, hat er den folgenden Artikel auf Englisch verfasst.

Hello everyone! My name is Ivan and I am a Spanish guy who arrived in Dresden two months ago to participate in the European Solidarity Corps project. Before my arrival, I had some expectations about the program and the life here, however now I want to say that my expectations were exceeded.

I work here as a graphic designer, motion designer and filmmaker at Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. and I am very excited to be part of this team. I am sure that it is a great organization to further develop my professional skills learning every day. In addition to this, I have wonderful colleagues who are always willing to lend a helping hand to me.
My main tasks in the organization include making videos and motion graphics, designing posters and flyers for art exhibitions or festivals, taking photos at events or workshops. I also support the preparation of events that take place in the organization.

I think that I live in a magnificent city where different cultures and languages coexist. I don´t have German language skills yet and still I can lead a normal life and I work in my profession.
It is difficult to decide what to do in this fascinating city with so many attractions and places to visit. I have recently visited some art exhibitions, emblematic buildings and squares, even castles or nearby natural areas. I like to walk around the city, it has wonderful gardens, streets full of urban art and nice bars with good music to have a drink with friends.
Unfortunately, there are not many things happening lately because the Corona virus situation is especially bad in Saxony. Nevertheless, I am glad to be here.

The most difficult challenge for me in my experience here is related to changes in the amount of daylight and the weather once winter has been approaching. Other than that, I’m adjusting to daily life. I feel very fortunate to be enjoying this great opportunity and to have chosen the organization in which I work and this city to carry out my European year of volunteering.

Ivan Serrano Alcorlo.

(Image by JKPeV)

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