Honest Guideline for an Eco-friendly Life

Pandemic has different effects on creatures on this earth. Starting from the human being, while it was a nice break from office work for a white-collar worker with no child, it was not the case for a domestically abused woman. It is nothing to romanticize. It has also impacts on our earth. According to National Geographic, one of the nice outcomes of the pandemic is that daily global carbon emissions were down compared to 2019. Plan A states that “Nature is healing.” is an illusion by taking into consideration the current plastic pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity loss.

This discussion leads us to think that we need to change our non-eco-friendly habits. Instead of complaining about the system, we need to accept that we are the ones who feed the system and take action. Breaking a habit is as hard as getting a habit. Thus, we need to start slow to be consistent in our actions. Plastic didn’t take a place in our lives just in a day, so we do not need to be too harsh on ourselves. I will list some questions that I ask myself in my ongoing journey of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Where does it come from?

I know, this question is hard to answer but it is so important to break the chain of our non-eco-friendly habits. Where does your fast-fashion dress come from? China, Bangladesh, or any other third-world country where workers are abused? Where does your meat, milk come from? Ask no questions and hear no lies (!)

Do I need that? 

We need to think twice while buying and listen to our actual needs. Why do you want to own that? Yes, sometimes we just want to treat ourselves to something new. But why not in an eco-friendly way. Then, you will be treating yourself and this earth with kindness.

Are humans superior to animals?

The anthropocentric world directs us to think that we are superior to animals due to our intelligence and abilities. However, nothing gives us the right of deciding on an individual’s body and life. Yes, they are an individual. We need to act morally and ethically, not according to our instincts.

Why don’t you…? 

We play a role in creating a social impact on ecological awareness. After asking these three questions, we start to change some of our habits that are visible to others. Thus, it is important to explain the logic behind your change ask them ‘Why don’t you…’. Maybe one of your friends will start carrying cloth bags instead of buying plastic bags.

I wrote this blog based on my ongoing personal journey to become an eco-friendly person. I don’t give up on my diet even though afterward I realize that what I did was not eco-friendly. Sometimes, change can be challenging but this is something you are doing for your planet which gives you life.




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